• Business Concept


Alluring vehicles that everyone can enjoy with peace of mind

How can we respond to the customer's expectations for vehicles?

How can we harmonize performance, utility, durability, and reliability at a high level?

How can we create eco-friendly and practical products even for vehicles with low production volume?

In our manufacturing, we constantly seek the answers to these questions.

"Factory Customization"

Customizing Division meets the same exacting standards as mass-produced vehicles through our integrated system of product planning, development, production, sales, and after-sales services and our strong partnership with NISSAN and our suppliers. This enables us to supply attractive vehicles that everyone can enjoy driving with peace of mind.
Through "Factory Customization", we create new value and provide the joy of mobility, the joy of ownership, and the joy of use to more and more customers.

Three business fields

We meet our customers' exacting tastes and demands as we supply custom cars that they can feel secure using in their everyday lives as well.

We design, develop, and manufacture necessary functions and devices such as rails and sheet lift mechanisms and supply converted vehicles as Nissan life-care vehicles.

We use our techniques and know-how regarding vehicle characteristics and manufacturing, developed over our company's history, to build work-use vehicles that meet professionals' demands.


We value customer communication

By engaging in direct dialog with our customers, we learn, gain inspiration for new products and functions, and create vehicles that exceed customer expectations. We at AUTECH place great value on communication with customers in order to gain a better understanding of customer perspectives. This communication takes the form of dialog with customers, but also various other forms, such as events which facilitate interaction between customers and exhibitions that convey the allure of our products, as well as how to use them. We actively communicate with our customers via social media, building stronger ties with them.

"AOG Shonan Homecoming Meeting," a social event for owners

AUTECH vehicles from across the country gathered together

Owners of AUTECH vehicles brought to the event by enthusiasts

Various events held at the event

Tokyo Auto Salon

International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition

Ensuring that customers can enjoy peace of mind

Life-care vehicle advisory staff study workshop

Life-care vehicle sales training is part of NISSAN Motor's education program for dealers. We coordinate with sales companies by designing the curricula and providing instructors. We also hold in-house life-care vehicle study workshops to enhance the product knowledge of employees and encourage self-learning.

Bringing people and vehicles closer together

LV certified dealerships

To provide customers with hands-on experience and allow them to feel confident in purchasing Autech vehicles, customized cars and life-care vehicles are on display in showrooms.

LV certified dealerships

Dealerships have full-time staff with detailed knowledge of life-care vehicles. Our dealerships are barrier-free, enabling anyone to visit, and offer vehicle test-drives.

Support the motorsports

We support the NISMO team's "MOTUL AUTECH Z" SUPER GT Car #23