Life-care Vehicles(LV)

We have performed studies regarding all aspects of life-care vehicles, such as the people that use them, the situations in which they are used, and their usage purposes.
We perform design, development, production, and sales in-house, enabling us to supply vehicles with designs, functions, and capabilities tailored to meet user needs.

Nissan Life-care Vehicles are perfect for:

People who have difficulty getting into vehicles

People who want to more easily move from wheelchairs to vehicle seats

People who want to board vehicles while remaining in their wheelchairs

Vehicles that are used to take people to and from welfare facilities and hospitals

What are life-care vehicles (LV)?


The Nissan Group uses the term "life-care vehicle (LV)" to refer to assistive vehicles, reflecting the Group's desire to help people in the many situations they encounter in their lives.

Market research and product planning

We develop new ideas that exceed customer expectations through our visits to welfare facilities and exhibitions, from feedback from customers, and from our analysis and discussions.

Technical development

We engage in speedy, high quality technical development through design and structural analysis using 3D CAD and CAE and through our feedback processes, which provide direct communication with the manufacturing field.

Quality and reliability

We perform durability testing in environments that reproduce customer usage environments and carry out exacting quality studies in every stage from production to shipping. We also use feedback from our service department to rapidly make product improvements.